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The Creative Kingdom

                   “Here lies Tammas Jones. Born a man. Died a grocer.”                                                                                                                                 — An epitaph on an old tombstone in Scotland.

All who believe in God as the Creator pretty much agree on His stellar creativity. The One who can fling galaxy upon galaxy into being is beyond words like “awesome” and “amazing.” In fact, no human words will ever capture the magnitude of His power and glory, ever. But that’s no reason to stop trying as we praise Him!

When you consider the atmosphere God placed Man in (Genesis 3) you immediately recognize it as creative, generative, overflowing with life’s abundance and brimming with illimitable possibilities. God even tasked the Man with naming the creatures He had created for him to enjoy. Imagine that – God had man name His own creatures!

Jesus wrote in John 14:12 that we would do “greater works” by trusting in the creative power of the Holy Spirit. That makes us, in effect, co-creators with Him just like Adam was in the Garden and Jesus was in His ministry. We “name” things in prayer (John 14:12-13) as we believe for God’s creative force to bring the results. We, as Jesus followers, are to be the most creative people on the planet!

Trust Him now for your part in this creative kingdom and watch amazing things happen!