How I’ve Lost Over 20 Lbs Since June 8th! (And How You Can, Too!)

scales“Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.” Paul to the young Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:8

I used to be “okay” with being the pudgy little man who played guitar and sang worship songs. As long as they made jeans in bigger sizes, I wasn’t too concerned with how much I weighed. In fact, I used to quote Paul from the verse above saying, “See, even PAUL didn’t think it was important, at least for long, to exercise. Being a godly man is most important!”

I was really just covering up for my laziness. It’s true-if you HAVE to choose between physical fitness and godliness, well, then being more like Jesus wins out. But, most of us don’t have to make that choice and often don’t even make either of them. Like me, many people are satisfied with being average, living average lives, and being “just healthy enough” and “just holy enough” to get by. Well, I’m done with that.

You see, I was using food and drink to cover a lot of emotional pain in my life. I was eating too much of the wrong foods and drinking too much of the wrong drinks to give my body the nourishment it needs. I wasn’t just a couch potato. I was past that. The roots of my pudgy potato self had sprouted and were coiling down through the couch cushions. I was about to become a full-on potato patch if something didn’t change. Thankfully, something BIG changed. My thinking.

On June 8th, Donna, my wife, and I made a quality decision to do a 10-day Daniel Fast. No sugar, no meat, no alcohol, no desserts, no bread, and nothing but whatever you can harvest from the ground with water to drink and a lot of soul searching in the meantime. We added in walking briskly around our little neighborhood the first day and have walked almost every day since. It didn’t take us long to begin jogging short distances and pretty soon we were jogging the entire neighborhood. No one has been any more shocked than us that we’re actually running again!

Before June 8th, I was sluggish, unhealthy, unhappy, and pushing 200 lbs, a weight that is considered obese for my height. Today, only two months later, I’m happier, healthier, motivated, and taking massive action to use everything in my life, even a healthier body, to make Jesus known to as many people as possible. Plus, I weighed in at 175.7 lbs this morning and my clothes are fitting again. Donna’s loving my newfound energy and inspiration, too!

A friend of mine says, “Angels talk to those who walk.” For me, it’s more like the Spirit of God wells up from somewhere deep in me as I’m out walking and running, assuring me that He is with me, has healed me, has already secured my future, and that He is walking and running with me all the way. I can’t encourage you enough to start where you are, today, by trying a Daniel Fast and even a short daily walk. Don’t do too much, but do what you can do. You might be surprised at where you are only two months from now!

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Serenity in the Midst of Great Change

Serenity is the ability to accept change as from the hand of God.

Perhaps many people have said something similar as the above, but my family and I are currently living it. This year has brought sweeping changes to our careers, locations, and family dynamic. We have endured job changes, empty nest a year early, and a gigantic move from Alabama to Michigan. No wonder my head is swimming!

There have been many days that I have thought to myself, Was this all necessary? Why couldn’t we have kept things as they were? Have I made a huge mistake in all of this? Only time will reveal the mistakes I may have made, but, for now, we are here. The house down South has sold and we have purchased a new one here. The child is stepping into early adulthood and making many of her own decisions. The new career is underway and new benchmarks are being set. It is all completely out of my control.

Maybe that is a part of serenity, as well, realizing that very little of anything is in our control. Time marches unceasingly forward bringing many changes we may or may not welcome. Hair grays, eyes dim, and bellies swell. Okay, maybe we don’t have to let the bellies swell, but it is hard to keep them skinny. The point is that life passes. Kids grow up and we either embrace the changes as from God or we go crazy resisting them.

Serenity is an essential element of healthy living. May you find it today in whatever changes God has brought to you.