Courage to Praise God Anyway

I’ve just finished up three days with some awesome worshipers at The Calvin Institute of Worship. Thirty-five people of all stripes and backgrounds were gathered for a conversation on pop-rock worship and the future of the church, some very well-known names and some not-so-well-known folks. We sang ONE song as our benediction at the end of the last session – it rocked!

What i came away with was more courage to praise God in the midst of what often feels like a discouraging religious climate. With all the religious and preferential lines drawn in the sand, I’ve been a little low lately. This event helped me take courage again and to praise God anyway.

I know that sounds childish, but I suspect many of you have wearied of the same hymn versus modern song battles, or any other stylistic issues you’ve faced as clergy or lay person. It just gets old, especially for those of us dealing with it week after week.

Paul wrote that we are to give thanks always and in all things. May you join me in giving thanks for the goodness of God to us today, regardless of what others do or don’t do!