Getting Your Art in the Right Place

MonaMinistry is more than heart – it’s art, too.

I’ve taught for years in my songwriting workshops that great songs have “heart, art, and good doctrine.” I stand by that for public ministry, as well. Great ministry week to week needs great art just like it needs the passionate heart of someone who loves Jesus. Can you keep the good art coming, right along with the love you have for Jesus you want everyone to see?

Nancy Beach from Will Creek Community Church has famously said, “We do 52 special events a year.” That’s so true. Those of us who serve in the local church are among the rare breed of people who actually host a congregation no less than 52 times a year. For the churches who have two services a week that’s 104 special events, not counting Christmas Eve. How can we keep it fresh?

The first challenge is to contend for great songs and a dynamic delivery each week, despite all obstacles. This means you work your team and help them aspire to greatness. The second thing is to keep it fresh personally. That means that you make sure you are current with Jesus, truly filled with His presence and His Spirit in every moment, and that you keep your heart pure. Those are no easy tasks, believe me.

There’s an old saying about marriage that says, “You can’t live on love alone.” That’s true for us as leaders in the local church. It takes more than the love we have for Jesus, as important as that is. It takes being a cunning leader, a wise person, an artist.

Keep your heart fresh, but keep your art fresh, too.

ChizBESTJohn Chisum is an internationally appreciated worship leader, songwriter, mentor, and clinician. Click here for information on The Worship Leader’s One-on-One Coaching with John Chisum. For information about booking John for a worship seminar, worship concert, or special event, contact him directly at, or call 251-533-5960.

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