How to Get What You Really Want

gold“In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men.” John 1:4

I’ve read a lot of self-help books lately. Taken at face value, each author has figured out how to make at least their first million and they’ve filled these books with the principles, rules, and magic steps I should take to make mine. Sadly, I still haven’t figured out how to be as successful as they are, but I ate Chinese today and my fortune cookie said I was getting close.

People often ask me, “What do you really want?”

In those moments, I imagine beauty contestants answering that inane question with “world peace.” Most of the time I’m just as clueless as they are about what I really want, especially when it comes to what I want that I could actually get. No offense to the beauty queens, but they’re not getting world peace anytime soon.  Whirled peas, maybe, at least until Jesus really comes back. I want a lot of things I’ll never get, too, like a penthouse off Central Park and the bank account to go with it, or maybe a personalized parking space at the mall. That would be nice.

That what do you really want question is hard for me because I really have gotten a lot of things I’ve wanted. I wanted to be a professional songwriter. I got that and a lot more, having enjoyed a long career in music publishing and recording. I wanted a happy marriage and I’ve had 35 awesome years (not perfect, but awesome) with my sweet wife who gave us a beautiful daughter. I wanted people to hear about the miraculous changes Jesus brought to my life. I’ve flown over a million miles so far, sharing with hundreds of thousands of people the power of His transforming love.

No, I’ve come to know that the real question isn’t what do I really want in order to make myself happy. The real question is “what have I been created to do in order to bring Jesus glory and to help others find Him?” Finding the answer to that question is the only thing that’s going to satisfy my deep heart. It’s the only thing that will satisfy yours, too.

So, to get you what you really want, you have to start by realizing that what you really want is to find out what Jesus made you for-to know Him and to make Him known. Nothing else fits that hole in your heart. Nothing else brings the joy and happiness you crave. Nothing else can take the place of knowing the One who will eventually bring world peace. Love Jesus and find out what He made you for. That’s how you get what you really want.


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